3 Digital Marketing Essentials for Future Growth: Agency CEO Justin Cerone

Justin Cerone - Lincoln Digital Group - Marketing

When I founded the marketing agency Lincoln Digital Group™ in 2013, my goals were simple. I wanted to help grow businesses using creativity, strategy and innovation. And, I was so intrigued by the potential of “digital” that I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about it. 

Since then, my team and I have been honored to serve businesses spanning virtually every industry in markets around the world. We’ve helped clients turn around stagnant or declining growth. We’ve also helped many of them thrive amidst the economic crisis presented by the pandemic.

Cultivating and Sharing Digital Expertise for Your Benefit 

Along the way, my quest for knowledge and passion for the industry has made me passionate about teaching and sharing my expertise however I can in an effort to help other entrepreneurs gain digital marketing expertise. 

Over the past few years, I’ve been extremely fortunate to be a keynote speaker and featured presenter helping guide business owners, Officers and Directors through this complex, fast-paced  world in a way that delivers reliable, repeatable growth. 

While my initial goals when founding LDG were relatively simple, digital marketing has turned out to be anything but. It is now outright essential to the future of any healthy business. 

3 Essential Digital Marketing Perspective for Owners and Decision Makers

Here are a few essentials for growth-oriented business owners and decision makers to understand:

#1. The pandemic has re-defined marketing and customer expectations. 

The pandemic was one of the most difficult business challenges of most of our lifetimes. The businesses that survived did so by adapting to a fast-changing landscape and realizing the potential digital offered to remain connected with, and fulfilling sales to, their customers. 

The market landscape has evolved dramatically. As a consequence of the pandemic, consumers expect convenience more than ever. They’re looking for a fully integrated shopping experience that is streamlined from start to finish. And after watching so many businesses fold, they want to feel confident that a brand they’re interested in will deliver tomorrow the same level of service they’re seeing today. 

To seize upon these new conditions and expectations, both decision makers and marketers need a comprehensive strategy that takes into account the changing times. That means having a plan for reaching new customers and achieving conversions, which could include refreshing your brand, implementing new outreach campaigns, or even launching entirely new products or services fulfilled by digital tools. These are your consumers’ expectations following the pandemic — how will you meet them?

#2. Integrated, aka multi-channel, campaigns win.

There are a wealth of opportunities for connecting with consumers: paid search, social media, streaming video (eg. YouTube), content marketing, email marketing, and many more. All too often, however, business owners fall into a rut of sticking to the one or two channels they’re already familiar with and unwilling to consider new approaches.

Dollars being equal, I am a firm believer that using multiple channels in cohesion is more effective than using one or two. A true multi-channel campaign simply generates greater overall impact and ROI than spending the exact same amount on one or two channels. The psychological advantages are many, but critically it shows you’re present in all of the major media touchpoints relevant to your consumers’ lives — that you understand them. This is essential if you’re going to build a connection with your audience, then make the sale ot them.

#3. Education is everything.

The more you as a decision maker know about marketing in this new digital normal, the more capable you are of leading your company to succeed by helping it grow. This means learning from reliable experts about what truly makes prospects purchase from you, where resources often get wasted, and how to clearly measure your marketing results.

That’s why I’ve spent years sharing thought leadership content on topics like data analysis and metrics, paid search conversions, how creative increases shares, marketing mistakes to avoid, and a range of other marketing issues. 

Digital Marketing Resources at Your Fingertips 

The key is to seize upon every chance to learn more about marketing that you can. Any knowledge gap between you and your competitors could mean the difference between a growing or shrinking marketshare. 

But, why let your business face that fate when experts like Lincoln Digital Group can share their expertise and guide you to digital marketing success?

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Justin Cerone is the founder of Lincoln Digital Group – a full-service marketing agency based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Lincoln Digital Group specializes in helping medium and large B2C companies achieve reliable, repeatable growth through brand enhancement and online marketing. 

A marketing thought leader, published author, and keynote speaker, Justin is passionate about sharing his experiences and resources with entrepreneurs and organizations interested in learning about digital marketing. More information can be found at lincolndigitalgroup.com and justincerone.com. 

Justin Cerone - Lincoln Digital Group - Marketing