Media Meetup Recap

Thank you to our friends at Media Zone for capturing our event in action! Follow @themediameetup to catch up with local creatives at our next gathering

Living Local with Penni Weinberg

Meet #prolificpainter – Penni Weinberg! Penni is a multi medium artist based in the Palm Beaches, with a larger than life personality and artwork to match! She specializes in creating one of a kind canvases that share a message and spark joy and conversation. 🖼 Living Local got to visit @artbypenni in her home studio…

Bree Hopp Esthetics

At BreeHopp Esthetics the key to their long term success is to provide genuine gentle care and communication with clients. They strive each and every day to provide the most professional skin care treatment possible – that will keep clients happy, looking their absolute best and always coming back to see.

Aces High Tatoo Shop

Aces High Tattoo Shop is all about award winning tattoos with a friendly atmosphere and one of the cleanest and most pristine studios in Florida.

Living Local At Delray Beach Market

Join us as we take a look at the newest addition to the Delray community! The Delray Beach Market was designed to bring people together and enjoy food, fun, and neighborhood fellowship! Follow @delraybeachmarket for the latest happenings! 🎥 Alex Williams @videotrekkerfilms

Living Local with Loic

Meet local artisan baker Loic and his team who say “its all about fun and the community!” Located in downtown West Palm beach, this fresh french inspired experience is one you won’t want to miss!

Art at Alton

Visit Alton Town Center and enjoy beauty features by local artists!

Meet Living Local

Here at LL, we strive to share our local businesses of South Florida with our fellow neighbors through televised episodes and shared social content.📲 📺 Its time to make your next move! With our host Jana Angel and our amazing production team, we strive to explore your marketing possibilities by bringing your South Florida business…

Four Tips on How to Maximize Your Virtual Platform

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us business-wise, it’s that we need to have virtual platforms to stand on and, more importantly, to stay connected to our consumers and supporters. Regardless of our industry, a robust social media marketing strategy must have an eye on multiple platforms, including Google My Business, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Clubhouse and more. It used to be that different platforms served different purposes, but these days leads come from all kinds of avenues.