Four Tips on How to Maximize Your Virtual Platform

Written by Julie Khanna

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us business-wise, it’s that we need to have virtual platforms to stand on and, more importantly, to stay connected to our consumers and supporters. Regardless of our industry, a robust social media marketing strategy must have an eye on multiple platforms, including Google My Business, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Clubhouse and more. It used to be that different platforms served different purposes, but these days leads come from all kinds of avenues.


1. If you didn’t have a social media presence before, now is the time.

· Set up a business page that’s separate from your personal social media pages.

· Create pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Clubhouse, and even Pinterest to help with search engine optimization (SEO). Over time, you’ll see which ones to invest more energy into depending on the response.

· Ensure you succinctly answer the “who, what, when, where, and why” of what you do and the services you provide in your business bio.

· Add a business email contact address to your profile.

· Look at your page through the lens of a consumer. Ask trusted friends or family for help. After looking at your page they should be able to tell you which services you provide, how to reach you, how to order your products, and what impression they got. If they cannot then edit accordingly!


2. Record LIVE and choose exciting topics. 

· Go Live! People like seeing videos as opposed to only static photos. Consumers connect with suppliers through emotional experiences, and videos allow for emotions. Like the ones on our team, many videographers are available to work on monthly retainers to create professional-looking social media videos.

· Think about some questions you frequently get asked. These make the perfect topics for your videos.

· If recording on your smartphone, be sure to follow best-practice filming tips, like keeping your camera clean, finding the best lighting, turning your phone horizontal, keeping your fingers off the speakers, waiting a few seconds before and after you speak, and re-watching your video before posting.

· Invest in some good filming products. Here’s a link to a list of my favorites:


3. Grow your following by having excellent online etiquette.

· Make sure you’re responding quickly to all comments/inquiries.

· Follow and network with similar brands and services.

· Offer consumers value. Share quality photos and tips relevant to your industry.


4. Co-market with bloggers, micro-influencers, and influencers.

· Use other business platforms to grow your own by sharing their posts and tagging them.

· People always need fresh content; they will welcome your expertise and insight. Offer to write articles or make videos for them.

· Film videos with others, and always make sure to tag them when you post.


Julie Khanna is the owner of Khanna Connections, a marketing, communications, and public relations firm with a niche in the medical, health, and wellness industry that creatively connects clients with target audiences to successfully promote their brands.