Getting To Know Filter Off : Video Dating

Living Local Virtual Speed Dating Event on Filter Off

We’re feeling more isolated than ever. For many of us, we’re not seeing friends, family members, or attending traditional holiday dinners. This Valentines Day may be no different, but we have some good news. Living Local will be hosting a free virtual speed dating event on Filter Off on Feb 9th at 8:30pm EST.

How Filter Off Works

Filter Off hosts virtual speed dating events. Singles can register for these virtual events and then speed date with other singles in-attendance.

  1. You’ll first install the Filter Off app for Android, iOS or you can access it from the web.
  2. Create your profile
  3. Search for Finding Local Love (if you’re from Florida but don’t have access you can change your location within the app) and RSVP to the event using code 2121
  4. Filter Off will notify you 1 hour prior to the event to confirm your attendance.
  5. Filter Off will then begin to schedule your video speed dates!

Why I Created Filter Off

Filter Off has grown tremendously over the pandemic. I created Filter Off because I was sick and tired of going on bad in-person first dates. So before meeting up in person, I started asking my matches if they’d be open to video chatting.

Previously I would have tried to build a connection over text. But I realized I had no text game. When texting it’s really easy to fill in the gaps to make assumptions about what that person is like without hearing and seeing them. Things got lost in translation. I then started asking women if they’d be open to FaceTiming instead.

I felt video chatting would be a low-pressure way to see if we vibed and whether I was attracted before meeting up in-person…and it worked. Video chatting first was so much more efficient. I wasn’t wasting time commuting to meet someone or splurging on over-priced drinks only to quickly discover that we weren’t interested in each other.

The Results

During the pandemic, Filter Off has quickly realized that video first dating has become the solution to many of these problems. Singles turned to Filter Off to seek out meaningful connection. We at Filter Off facilitated over 230,000 virtual video speed dates attended worldwide during the pandemic with 4 engagements created.

For one, rather than swiping for hours, our users made real face to face connections in their 3 minute virtual speed dates. Secondly, Filter Off is building community. We do that by hosting virtual speed dating events for communities. A community can be anything from a Facebook group like a community of self-proclaimed nerds, to a local religious organization, to a nonprofit.

These communities have used Filter Off to facilitate face to face connection. Not only are individuals making connections, but it makes the group more tight-knit.

We’re excited to see you at Living Local virtual speed dating event!