Let’s Talk Laser

By: YNG Aesthetics

For those who wish to turn back the hands of time and reveal more youthful looking skin and a rejuvenated facial and body appearance, you need to check out the newest secret skin spot in West Palm Beach! The women based team of highly trained medical aestheticians at YNG Aesthetics Lounge can help you attain the most beautiful skin of your life! From top skincare treatments that address acne, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, hyper-pigmentation, tone and texture, volume loss and more, the Medical Spa prides itself in only using the golden standard of products and equipment to deliver results beyond clients expectations.

What makes YNG Aesthetics Lounge different than other skincare practices is their unique membership program which offers savings on a variety of advanced skin treatments while emphasizing the importance of not just achieving your dream skin, but maintaining it as well. Amongst the various skin technologies, YNG has recently become home to the most revolutionary laser technology on the market today- the Splendor X Laser. Splendor X is powerful, yet gentle. Unlike older lasers, which can be tough on some skin types, Splendor X combines two wavelengths to treat virtually any skin tone safely and effectively. With varying options for tailoring treatment, the Splendor X takes into account skin type, hair color, and hair thickness, allowing for a more effective treatment and longer lasting results. In particular, Latino or African American skin needs a gentle touch from powerful lasers which makes Splendor X the ideal choice. Equipped with the large square spot size, and rapid repetition rate, YNG is one of the only laser hair removal providers around who can offer their patients painless full body hair removal in approximately four 30-minute sessions. It’s not just the girl gang of skincare experts at YNG Aesthetics Lounge that are in awe of this new laser; top beauty insiders are loving Splendor X as much! Check out what the beauty maven named one of “The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet” by Time Magazine had to say about it. “Although many lasers have promised to be painless, quick, and safe — MANY have failed us… That’s where SPLENDOR X by Lumenis comes in. Not your average hair removal laser, this technology-advanced laser is the first laser of its kind..”

If you’re feeling tempted by the promise of silky-smooth skin for eternity there is no reason to wait for an affordable deal! For $300 per month you can sign up for unlimited laser hair removal based on a custom plan according to your specific skin and hair type. This includes one treatment area per session. Thats thousands in savings annually! Ready to revel in hair-free freedom? Schedule your consultation today. To check out all of the memberships YNG has to offer check them out online at www.yngofficial.com or follow them on IG @yngaestheticslounge