Maintaining Motivation

By: Ginelle Ruffa

The time to prepare isn’t after you have been given the opportunity. It’s long before the opportunity arises. Once the opportunity arrives, it’s too late to prepare.

-John Wooden

Lack of motivation…It’s a real thing. After multiple months of being quarantined, unable to travel, go to work or school, or perhaps even visit loved ones, lack of motivation can creep into our psyche. However, in order to maintain a healthy and whole mind, body, and spirit, we can’t allow demotivating thoughts, feelings, or even circumstances to dominate our mindsets. We must discipline ourselves to find the opportunity in the obstacle.
In order to maintain motivation during this difficult season, we must live with clear vision at the forefront of our minds. This season of waiting is a valuable opportunity to learn, grow, and prepare for an incredible season of opportunity ahead! The healthy habits we create during this season are vital toward propelling us into an abundant future in the season ahead.

Morning Motivation Routine:

  • Wake up and proclaim gratitude!
    • Choose an attitude of gratitude. Begin your morning by stating out loud everything you are grateful for. If you are having trouble thinking of things: come back to the basics. Proclaim gratitude for the breath in your lungs, the sight in your eyes, the movement in your body, and the miracle of a brand new day!
  • Detox your body!
    • Starting your day with a warm glass of lemon water is an excellent way to:
      • Hydrate your body
      • Boost your immunity (Vitamin C)
      • Aid in digestion
      • Promote skin elasticity and clarity
      • Maintain healthy weight
      • Balance blood sugar
      • Freshen your breath
  • Get Moving!
    • Before you rush off to work in the morning, make an effort to move your body! 15 min of morning movement will boost your mood, strengthen your body, and promote mobility. Here are some ideas:
      • Gentle stretches
      • Brisk walk (outdoor or indoor)
      • Home Pilates or yoga routine
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  • Vision Build!
    • Setting healthy goals and maintaining vision for your future is the best strategy to transform demotivating thoughts into productive action! Check out this video to learn how to create healthy life goals with a vision board!
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  • Prepare for the Future!
    • What is your greatest goal for your future? Use this season of waiting as a valuable opportunity to pursue that goal, whether it’s learning a new language, starting a new business, learning and instrument, furthering your education, or meeting the person of your dreams. Use this time as an opportunity to grow, flourish, vision build, and prioritize your health.

I am beyond excited to bring Living Local a biweekly Motivation Monday series to keep our minds, bodies and spirits healthy, empowered, and full of strength and vigor! Let’s stay connected!

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