“Self Care Is Not A Craze”

Written By: YNG Aesthetics Lounge

“Self care is more than just a trend; it is a movement” says sisters and founders of YNG Aesthetics Lounge. Located in downtown West Palm Beach, YNG Aesthetics Lounge strives to blend the best of two worlds—a relaxing exclusive experience with the procedures, treatments, and expertise typically only found in a doctor’s office. 

This year especially, the nature of self-care is evolving. As life gets increasingly busier and more demanding, the pressure on precious time-out is at an unprecedented high. We need every hour to count, every day to have purpose –  thats what YNG aesthetics lounge excels at. Using the most advanced medical techniques, paired sensitively with more anti aging and anti acne therapies, they offer monthly membership programs that balance treatment and downtime to perfection. Not just on a physical level but emotionally and psychologically too. You’ll be sent home feeling better, brighter, bouncier than ever. And who doesn’t need that during times like these.

The way individuals consider themselves attractive, healthy, or fit is an ever-changing landscape based on market trends, and medical aesthetics is one industry designed to keep up with these standards. It seems the universal desire to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance makes the medical spa (medspa) industry one that has been affected considerably less overall during the Covid-19 pandemic than many other industries. Stay at home orders may have been in place this year, but instead of an anticipated drop in demand, most cosmetic providers have seen a significant increased interest in skincare treatments like JetPeel dermal infusions, botox, and laser treatments. There is a reason that more patients are turning to medical spa treatments to enhance their physical appearance and boost their confidence. Interest in aesthetics is only growing, and medical spas offer clients the opportunity to attain their aesthetic ideals at a price point that is often more attractive than a visit to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global medical spa market was valued at almost $11 billion in 2017 and is expected to climb to nearly $28 billion by 2025.

As newer and newer technology, treatments, and over all skin care knowledge expands, YNG Aesthetics Lounge will continue to remain committed to evolution while using it transform peoples lives. The goal is to make their clients look and feel their best while encouraging them to develop a deeper relationship with their wellness. The team of skincare experts at believe that subtle enhancements of your natural beauty can make you exponentially more approachable and magnetic. All of their consultations are done in a private, safe, and feminine space by a licensed skin care practitioner. They listen carefully to your goals and work together to create the best treatment plan in office and at home to help you reach and maintain those goals. 

There is a reason more and more patients are turning to medical spa treatments to enhance their physical appearance and boost their confidence. Find out why and book your consultation at YNG Aesthetics Lounge.