Why your home means more now, than ever.

Written By: Jonathan Duerr, Senior Real Estate Professional with William Raveis South Florida

I always loved the quote “Home is where is the heart is,” because everyone’s home is so uniquely different to each one of us. A place to eat and sleep, a place to start a family and make memories, or even a place for a fresh start on a new or different path. In addition to all of those however, what the last five months have taught me, and most of us, is that home is not just where the heart is, it is where everything is! Our home is now the center of our universe – it has become our office, our schoolhouse, our gym, our cinema, backyard adventure camp, and of course everyone’s favorite…the new local hotspot for virtual happy hour! Home is not just where the heart is these days, it is where everything and everyone is, so why not pay a little extra attention to where we are living and how we are going about it.

Hello! My name is Jonathan Duerr and I am so excited to be your Living Local Real Estate Professional here in Palm Beach County, providing a bi-monthly update on all things Real Estate with a few additives along the way. I live, work, and play throughout all PBC, making me your go-to person for just about all things here in beautiful South Florida. If you have been reading the real estate headlines in the slightest, I am sure you have heard: “rates are down, inventory is low, demand is high, and the market is hot!” All those statements are true, but what does that mean for you – Does it mean you have to buy now, or you will miss out? Does it mean, you should sell your house immediately, or you will miss out? We are all in different situations, so my most common answer is, let’s talk about what is right for you.

If buying – Are you ready for homeownership/renting and the responsibility it entails? Are you willing to sacrifice other things, including some of your needs in a home over your wants in that home? Are you able financially to take on the payments and other financial responsibilities?

If selling – Have you had a professional market evaluation done on your home (and not the by word that rhymes with Pillow)? Is your home in its best condition to go to market to earn top dollar? Do you have a plan for your next move when your home sells?

All the above are questions and conversations that you should have with yourselves, your families, your financiers, and hopefully an experienced, reliable, and trusted professional realtor before jumping into buying or selling, because after all, your home means more now, than ever.

Throughout my 16 years in real estate I have helped clients in all aspects including buying, selling, investing, and renting homes, and I have become fortunate enough to call this my passion and not just my career or job. The home buying/selling process to me is much deeper than a mere transaction, it is helping with one of the biggest decisions in life, which we can now all agree has become much more than just “where the heart is.” So, whether you are thinking of buying, selling, or renting a home, or simply curious about the market and have some questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Until next time!

Jonathan Duerr – William Raveis South Florida
305.962.1876 / jduerr@raveis.com